Freelance UX Design, E-Strategy, Templating

I'm a freelance UX designer,
& templater from Belgium

I combine diverse UX & e-marketing skills to create website strategies, optimize conversions and build intuitive web applications & websites. I worked mostly on content-heavy websites, content creation / maintenance tools and productivity apps.

I'm fluent with HTML & CSS, from quickly creating wireframes & prototypes to full search engine optimized semantic templates & responsive interfaces.

More about me

  • Information architecture
  • Usability
  • UI & interaction design
  • Findability
  • Information design
  • Content strategy
  • Conversion & persuasion
  • HTML, RDFa, microdata
  • CSS, Sass, LESS

More about
my skills

+10 years of experience building
websites & web applications

The past 10 years I’ve worked mainly for the pharma sector, B2B / B2C products & service providers and (inter)national federations.

I did the research & strategy work, made wireframes & prototypes, briefed & followed up designers & developers and templated responsive & semantic HTML & CSS.

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