Freelance UX Design, E-Strategy, Templating

Sip-Well website

A comprehensive website strategy resulting in superb conversion rates

I received a "carte blanche" from Sip-Well to apply my new knowledge about landing page optimization, e-marketing & UX design. I started with a full competition & keyword research as preparation for 6 hours of interviews with the marketing, sales & support staff. With that material I made a comprehensive website strategy, a detailed content plan, an easy promotion system and the technical requirements.

I started with wireframes, then a prototype, designed 95% myself, templated everything semantically with SEO optimizations, made the copywriter briefings and followed them up.

The conversion rates of all goals showed a strong increase, with the highlight a conversion rate increase of +1800% for visitors with a search query that didn't contain Sip-Well.

Project outline

  • Homepage

    A homepage that summarizes every aspect of Sip-Well by communicating all the facets of the UVP, built to be easy to update & maintain.


  • Water coolers

    A new product section that focuses on differentiating the products, connecting them with the UVP and promotions, and providing full details of each water cooler.

    Water cooler section

  • Water section

    A new section dedicated to water & health to show their passion for water. Water is Sip-Well's core business, and they want to provide you with the best there is.

    Water section

  • Service

    A new section highlighting the services, as this is their main differentiating point. I showed the importance of great service & the unknown aspects of maintenance.

    Service section

  • Promotions

    A call to action system that could easily embed banners on the website, a promotion overview, promotion landing pages and optimized quote forms.



Project information

  • Client: Sip-Well