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Sip-Well website - water section

Highlight the passion for water with a dedicated section

The story of Sip-Well crystal water

By telling the story of Sip-Well water on the "from source to bottle" page, we could talk about the constant focus on hygiene, food safety & quality during each step of the process. I only teased the bottling plant part on this page, which is linked to the "Bottling plant" page in the about Sip-Well section.

The Sip-well water bottles

This is the only real product page in the water section, and all pages in this section link to it frequently. Special attention was given to the 10L bottle, as Sip-Well was the only one with this ergonomic alternative.

We added value by mentioning all the benefits of the bottles: ergonomics, and how they protect your water. We also highlighted the ecological benefits vs classic PET & glass bottles.