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Sip-Well website - promotions

An adaptable promotion system with clear call to actions on every important page

Sip-Well did a lot of promotions through other channels (e-mail, fax, print), but there was no trace of these on the old website. They also wanted to do SEA and hired an expert in the field, so the promotion system should be easy to optimize as well.

We made a call to action system for the promotions, that could easily embed a promotion in 6 different formats on the website with 1 configuration file to control which promotion appeared on which page.

At least 1 promotion banner on every product related page

The most important product related pages have 2 banners, a smaller one directly in the viewport, a bigger one at the bottom. Other product & service related pages only received the bigger bottom banner.

Every banner has its own landing page, coupled with an advert.