Freelance UX Design, E-Strategy, Templating

Mio Technology website

A website transition with a focus on usability, SEO & easier to maintain pages.  

Mio was in the process of a transformation: new house style, new product ranges, new offices, etc ... I did the research, content strategy, information architecture (& how to implement that in the Reddot CMS), UX improvements and wireframing of the products, press & about Mio section + the homepage.

In a next phase I also designed & templated these in HTML & CSS. Content & design separated with the eye on easy design improvements without touching the HTML & search engine optimization.

Project outline

  • Homepage

    We highlighted the diverse range of devices, made direct links to the most important Mio Club pages and gave the support, E-shop, events, job openings & an about Mio summary a place on the homepage.


  • Products

    The main goals were to make it easier to choose the right product, improve the category distinctions, create better access to device related content, make the product pages easier & cheaper to maintain.

    Product section

  • Press section

    The main goals were to improve the relation with the press, and to communicate the Mio strengths better. We focused on making it easier to do research and to contact the PR staff.

    Press section

  • About Mio

    The main goals were to communicate better what Mio is, and to highlight its international aspect. Mio was growing fast so we improved the career section and job openings.

    About Mio

  • Contact

    The new strategy was to guide the visitor in a positive way to self-service and automated tools. Phone support was expensive but we kept the phone numbers easy to find instead of hiding them.

    Contact strategy


3 categories and 8 products in a small device selector

The home page device selector follows the new category distinction strategy as the rest of the website:

  • The GPS Car Navigation category containing the most devices. Only for normal GPS devices
  • The GPS Multifunctionals group with 2 categories: GPS + PDA and GPS + PDA + Phone

It is fully controlled by the Reddot CMS, and it is easy to add new devices, and to translate them. It follows a clear content vs. design separation (HTML vs CSS), a progressive enhancement strategy and is SEO optimized.

Project information

  • Client: Mio Technology