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Mio Technology website - contact strategy

Mio - a new contact strategy - Experience Matters

On the old website most telephone numbers were hidden or hard to find, as a way to lower telephone support calls. This strategy didn't work well, as the support telephone numbers just circulated on other websites, people started calling non related Mio phone numbers for support and generally it lead to more frustrations for people who already had troubles with their devices.

Our new strategy was to guide the visitor in a positive way to self-service and automated tools instead of expensive phone support. We made the path to phone support easy and mentioned clearly that support was not an option on other corporate phone numbers.

The contact us page - centerpoint of the strategy

With many links pointing to this page we need to guide them to the proper channels, and make clear it's cheaper or better to use the automated tools or to self-service for the most basic support questions.

A modular & userfriendly form system

I built a modular form system, with the templating code & usability guidelines for every possible input field. I made the requested forms myself, but also provided the guidelines on how Mio could build their own forms with this system. The JavaScript validation code is created by the server code, so they always run in sync with the same regex.

Helping visitors fill in correct information

The forms have server and javascript validation, and both work with the same rules.

After filling in a field it gets validated immediately. When the input is invalid we state exactly what is wrong, and help to correct the mistake with information and examples. Each field has multiple validation & help rules.

Confirmation with clear expectations

If the form is submitted successfully we clearly state so. We repeat which team will answer their message and how long it will take.

Each form had an optional button at the end, to guide the visitor to another page or section.